Tackling Societal Challenges

Kongsi.org promotes the use of technology for the benefit of wider society.

About Us
Our Focus

Kongsi.org unites people, open-source technology, and its partner network into a community that develops collaborative solutions for individuals, societies and the environment.

We democratize digital technologies by designing them to be inclusive, accessible, resource-efficient, and privacy-preserving. We develop in an open-source where anybody can comment or participate.

Kongsi.org is set up as a non-profit to benefit users and wider society. As a public good our technology will always remain free to use.

About Us
Our Approach

The Kongsi Coupon is designed to operate on lower-tech devices with minimal energy consumption. Kongsi Coupon can also be implemented in isolated locations that have limited connectivity. In this way, our technology is available to a greater number of people – and with a much lower energy footprint compared to other DLTs. This aids in tackling challenges like human rights violations, and the problems of the unbanked population.

About Us
Human Rights and Economic Empowerment

Human rights and economic empowerment go hand in hand. Wider public participation and economic growth in rural regions can be enabled with access to alternative finance, trade payments, and decentralized identity tools. Kongsi.org empowers local communities to participate more fairly in the supply chains, enables small-scale farmers and the unbanked to be integrated into the economy.

About Us
Our Team

We are members of Koperasi Kongsi Selangor Berhad, Malaysia, a cooperative organization initiated by like-minded peers, social entrepreneurs, craftsmen, farmers, and artisan traders in response to the unprecedented economic shock arising from the post-pandemic crisis. We have a desire to explore the untapped potential of an inclusive community that is driven by the act of co-creating and co-sharing, a community which can co-exist harmoniously and sustainably with Nature.